Friday, 22 March 2013

Sona Spa (2013) Review by Shivom Oza - So Jaaiye!

0/5 Stars

If you've already watched the trailers of the film, 'Sona Spa', it seems like you must have already made up your mind. The film deals with sleep deprivation, which according to the makers is a 'major modern life issue'.

One falls short of adjectives to describe this apology of a film. Even 'terrible' is an understatement.

The 'plot' is nothing but a big 'blot'. Apologies for this lyrical catastrophe, but this particular film deserves all the 'accolades'. The concept of the film is that at 'Sona Spa', you can buy sleep for yourself and that girls will sleep for you. However, there's a catch! The girls can also inhabit their client's dreams, which lead to problems.

Look, one may call this concept 'novel', 'fresh', 'innovative', but if the execution is so lackadaisical, then they ought to be pulled up! Shruti Vyas, who is such a brilliant theatre actor, is completely wasted in the film. Naseeruddin Shah's is a guest appearance, thankfully. The actor par excellence, yet again, features in a terrible film. Quite frankly, one cannot complain about not getting enough due in the Hindi film industry, if you choose such scripts. If one feels that great disservice has been done to their talent, they should self-introspect instead of playing the blame-game.

Go to sleep. Avoid the film!

Shivom Oza

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  1. SONA SPA's concept cannot be said as a good one,They copied it from Christopher Nolon's 'INCEPTION'(film). No one did not act well, direction was boring, music was depressing and poor.I got a good sleep when this movie started to run..!!!