Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mere Haule Dost (2013) Review by Shivom Oza – Such A Howler!

1/5 Stars

I had found the premise of Mere Haule Dost was quite interesting, which is why I thought that I should review the film. It revolves around 5 friends, Mota, Bong, Dada, Bheja and Paisa (all nicknames, presumably), who want to go on a bike rally in the Himalayas but do not have the resources.

However, a good concept has to be executed in the same manner. Mere Haule Dost fails to transcend a decent premise into a passable screenplay. Most aspects about this film, from the dialogues to the camerawork to the screenplay to the performances, are amateurish. Notwithstanding the poor production values, the film, which encompasses elements like friendship, trust and love, fails to connect with the viewer at any level.

The basic plot has been already given above. Beyond that, the film focuses on the problems that the five friends face in their personal lives (matters of money, heart etc.).

None of the performances leave a mark. Writer-director Nitin Raghunath tries to capture real situations out of the lives of ordinary college-going students. However, it gets too much into detail, hence making the end-result very cringe-worthy. The basic story had a fair bit of potential, the only positive from the film.

This one’s a howler!      
Shivom Oza

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