Monday, 22 October 2012

The Dandelions (2012) Review by Shivom Oza – Delightful Adult Comedy With Kids!

4/5 Stars

Rachel, a shy 9-year-old-girl, befriends the over-enthusiastic Valerie from her class. Both of their families bear the brunt, at least initially, of their over-zealousness.

The wondrous screenplay, sparkling subtitling (and presumably dialogue as well) and the mind-blowing performances by the cast, make ‘The Dandelions’ a must, must watch. Director Carine Tardieu makes a memorable film that should be watched and cherished. The Dandelions was screened at the 14th Mumbai Film Festival as a part of the 'Rendezvous With French Cinema' category.

Rachel (Juliette Gombert) and Valerie (Anna Lemarchand) instantly hit it off during their first meeting. Rachel, initially a shy and a reserved girl, gets introduced to a new world (that of grownups) by Valerie. Together, they spy on their teacher, discuss her sexual exploits, use cuss words, share almost everything under the sun, and feel free to shed their inhibitions. However, Rachel has her own problems at home whereas Valerie is diagnosed with a deadly disease. Rachel's mother Colette Gladstein (Agnes Jaoui) suspects her husband Michel Gladstein (Denis Podalydes) of having an affair with Valerie's mother Catherine (Isabelle Carre). This situation brings along its own pathos-filled humour. The film tackles various issues concerning adults through the perspective of the two girls. Humour is one of the mainstays of this film with rib-tickling dialogues and sequences. Most of them, however, are filled with sexual innuendo. Still, most of you will end up finding them funny.

Superb cinematography by Antoine Monod, along with masterful editing, plays a great role in making ‘The Dandelions’ the masterpiece that it is. Every member of the cast is absolutely fantastic. The little girls are delightful. Even the actors playing the 'elder' roles are equally 'childlike', given the light nature of the film.
This film will make you laugh, smile, cry and reflect a bit. A joyous experience!

Shivom Oza

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