Friday, 15 June 2012

Qasam Se Qasam Se (2012) Review by Shivom Oza - This film disappoints, ‘Qasam Se’!

0.5/5 Stars

‘Qasam Se Qasam Se’ is a film that must be watched by most aspiring filmmakers around the country. The reason is that it offers a 2 and a half hour lesson on ‘How NOT to make a movie’? To amalgamate mediocre acting, lifeless music, meandering story line, inexplicable twists and turns, appalling dialogues and incessant hamming in the same film requires some effort.

Actors of calibre such as Satish Kaushik (who plays Mamu) and Omkar Das Manikpuri (who looks ‘dapper’ in sloganeering T-shirts, Hip Hop caps and baggy trousers throughout the film) are wasted in this apology of a film. Kaushik who has a longish role in the film reprises his hilarious ‘Pappu Pager’ act from ‘Deewana Mastana’, once again but fails to impress.

The leading pair Rohan (played by newcomer Azim) and Faith (played by Faith Mehra) break into a song at some or the other picturesque location after every ‘hard-hitting’ (Yes, it hits you hard!) scene. Such inept acting has seldom been seen on the big screen and the stars of the film scale newer depths. The film is about their love story set in a college. Rohan fights all odds possible to win his ladylove. He gets jailed, beaten up, humiliated, even labelled a terrorist but nothing comes in between the hero and the heroine.

There is Rohan’s friend Vijay (played by Faraaz) who ends up falling in love with the same girl and hell breaks loose. His father DCP Mahadik (Ashwini Kaushal) pulls all strings to nab Rohan. The crux of the film is about how the lovers will come together despite all odds.

The climax is noteworthy, for setting newer standards in storytelling. An interesting revelation towards the end turns the entire film on its head. The problem with the film is that it muddles up too many issues – college rivalry, romance, action, comedy, terrorism, law and order and lastly AIDS awareness. Even the best filmmaker in the country Rajkumar Hirani wouldn’t dare to pull that off!

The music of the film is disappointing. Considering that stalwarts like Neha Bhasin, Kunal Ganjawala, Farhan (from the Pakistani band Jal), Mika, Shaan, Neeraj Shridhar, Mohit Chauhan, KK and Monali Thakur sung for this film, the composer (Shailendra-Sayanti) too, needed to get his act together. The cinematography (Johhny Lal) for the songs was good; the locations played a big part.

The supporting cast too boasted of Mukesh Tiwari, Rakhi Sawant, Satish Kaushik, Omkar Das Manikpuri and a few faces from television, but none of them lived up to their billing.

The director (Ashfaque Makrani) and the writers (Nazim, Moazzam Azm & Ravi Rawat) would have been better off sticking to a conventional storyline rather than convoluting it with nonsensical twists. This film disappoints, ‘Qasam Se’! 0.5 Star! (First Posted in MSN)

Shivom Oza

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