Friday, 10 August 2012

Overtime (2012) Review by Shivom Oza – Pointless

0.5/5 Stars

‘Overtime’ is about a young girl Khushi, who dreams of becoming a heroine someday but is currently making ends meet by working as a ‘high profile’ sex worker.

This film does not deserve a review, let alone a viewing. Abysmal acting, cringe-inducing dialogues and a senseless story, make this film a must-NOT watch.

Khushi (Swati Sharma) is a young girl, living in Mumbai, harbouring aspirations of becoming a film actress someday. However, difficult circumstances force her to become a call-girl, colloquially called ‘Overtime’, who beds well-off, middle-aged men for money. Having been manipulated and used by a corrupt politician Aatre (Satish Kaushik), builder Sawant (Yashpal Sharma) and his secretary Liza (Arzoo Govitrikar), architect Rajeev (Zakir Hussain) and film co-ordinator Shankar aka ‘Shanky’ (Vijay Raaz), Khushi gets embroiled in this big, bad world of sex, exploitation, debauchery and corruption. Khushi’s emotions keep getting manoeuvred by various people, including her ‘best friend’, who calls her ‘Thoku’ at one point and cajoles her to make that one last deal, which will sort her for 6 months.

The plot is pointless. There’s no entertainment (intentional/unintentional), no social message, no sensible dialog, only hamming. The presenters/models on television shopping shows possess more acting skills than the new faces in this almost 2-hour long bore. Well-known actors such as Satish Kaushik, Yashpal Sharma, Zakir Hussain and Vijay Raaz display their absolute lack of judgement by agreeing to become a part of this sleaze-fest.

There is no continuity. Vijay Raaz sports a short crop in his first appearance and subsequently long-haired in the remaining scenes. Actors are shown wearing the same clothes over multiple days. The opening credits look like they’ve been shot by a handy cam by an amateur student filmmaker. The music is forgettable. What were the makers thinking?

You would rather go ‘overtime’ at your workplace every day than watch ‘Overtime’. (First Posted in MSN)

Shivom Oza

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