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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012) Review by Shivom Oza – Curtain Call For The ‘Twilight’ Series!

3/5 Stars

The film is the final instalment of the big-screen adaptations of Stephanie Meyer’s much-talked about Twilight series. This film is based on the novel Breaking Dawn. The second part of a two-part film forms the fifth film in the series The Twilight Saga, and is the conclusion of the 2011 film ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’. Following the birth of Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), the Cullens bring together other vampire clans to protect their child from a false allegation that pits the family against the mighty Volturi.

Having no iota of an idea about what really happens in the popular Twilight series or the preceding films in the franchise, this film will be looked upon in isolation. So, the film does manage to get a first-time viewer on the edge of his/her seat on more than a few occasions. There are, without doubt, quite a few moments of unintentional hilarity in the first-half. Sometimes it’s the inane dialogue, quite often the sheer lack of acting talent found in the lead pair, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The duo shares a good chemistry (on screen!) with each other but when it comes to the other sequences in the film, Hamming is the apt word. Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, cuts across as quite a charmer on screen, and his self-deprecating humour, does manage to bring out the guffaws. Michael Sheen (what on Earth is he doing acting in such films?) is of course, brilliant as Aro (one of the Volturi leaders). The film has deviated from the book in the second half (where they pretty much change the entire sequence of events).

While it is being assumed that most readers are well aware of the story, to put it in a nutshell, Bella (Kristen Stewart) has been brought back from near-death by Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the couple intend to start afresh following the birth of their daughter, Renesmee.

Now, Irina, a member of the Denali coven, informs the Volturi that Renesmee was a human before she was bitten and transformed into a vampire. Irina does this after witnessing just one incident, and makes a false assumption. The Volturi clan is enraged at the Cullens for breaking the vampire law.

To prove Renesmee is not an immortal child, the Cullens gather foreign vampire clans, including the Denali, the Amazonian, the Egyptian, the Irish, and Romanian covens, and also European and American nomads, to stand as their witnesses to the Volturi. The film takes quite a big deviation during the second half during the confrontational scene between the Volturi and those protecting Renesmee. Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) plays a crucial part towards the climactic portions of the film. The end, as we know it, brings peace to the vampire world as well as us, mere mortals. The fans may find this film a bit underwhelming. However, as a first-time viewer, one does not find the film bad at all. Yes, the special effects are horrendous, the comic sequences are sleep-inducting (the rest of the film covers up by bringing up several moments of unintentional laughter). The opening and the closing credits, in particular, are very impressive. The closing credits pack in all the characters from the previous ‘Twilight’ films, backed up with fine music by Carter Burwell.

The werewolves are confined to histrionics and luckily, no lines are given to them in this film. The special effects, in totality don’t quite make the cut. Considering, the films have grossed millions of dollars over the last few years, a little more generosity towards visual effects could have done the trick. Director Bill Condon manages to bring in some subtlety in the film, yet the entire saga itself is so marred by eccentricities that it is difficult to make any scene looks ‘serious’. The film is worth a watch, if you’re a fan and have been following the novels/movies or both until now. Even if you haven’t been mildly acquainted with the ‘Twilight’ series, don’t think it may seem a waste of time or money. The second-half more than makes up for the inconsistencies in the first half. While the film franchise was never considered a masterpiece, it has managed to create quite a humungous fan base for itself. Works for most, so there ought to be something ‘acceptable’ about it.

The film is not deplorable by any stretch of imagination. Fans may find it a bit underwhelming (as deduced by hearsay). To sum it up, the film is worth a single viewing.

Shivom Oza

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  1. A mind blowing plot and excellent performance by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and obviously our werewolf Jacob aka Taylor Lautner. All the Renesmee plot, the fight of the Volturi was excellent and each and every actor has devoted their heart & soul into this movie which has made a large difference in the movie and has exceptionally redefined THE TWILIGHT SAGA!! An absolutely superhit package. The new vampy Bella Cullen was something pretty interesting to look forward to. A lot of notions have been changed about this movie after watching this epic finale.A perfect ending to the epic, but it would be very interesting if we get to see another flick focussing on Jacob & Renesmee. Out of words to express!!!!This is one such movie that you shouldn't miss and if you do its a big loss. I'd suggest spend your weekend with our vampire epic saga..!!!!!